Amy-April 10, 2018


Best attorney in Oklahoma hands down!!!

Carla  took my case after a previous attorney took 2 years to do anything. I  saw her and talked to her more in 4 months than I did my other attorney.  Once she took on my case I knew everything that was going on, when I  previously knew nothing. She jumped in got the ball rolling and in 4  months my divorce was final!! She gave me peace of mind, and help  relieve stress that had been built up from the past 2 years! She is a  breath of fresh air for me! She knows what she is doing and she will  fight tooth and nail for her clients!! I can not thank Carla and Karen  enough for everything they did for me!!! She is the best attorney in  Oklahoma hands down!! 

Hope-November 2018

Hands down BEST Attorney ever

I  had hired an attorney in Lawton to handle my father's probate case.   This attorney had came highly recommended so I was comfortable with  hiring him. He spent five months on my case and did absolutely nothing  in getting the case resolved. Two weeks before I was to appear in court  he withdrew from my case. As you could imagine I was in a frenzy trying  to find an attorney to take my case at the last minute. I called Carla's  office and she called me back that evening after she got out of court. I  could tell immediately that she was one sharp lady and she knew what  she was very knowledgeable on various laws. Carla took time over the  weekend reviewing my case before she even took me on as a client. She  saw right away that the way the other attorney had written everything  that I was not going to get what I should have from my father's estate.  Carla accomplished more in the three weeks  she was my attorney then the  entire five months I was represented by someone else. If you are  looking for an Attorney that will look out for your best interest and  pay attention to every detail. If you want an Attorney  and is willing  to fight for her clients then Carla Harcourt is the person for you. I  would highly recommend her at the drop of a dime.  

Debra-October 2018

I would use her again in an instant.

I  used Carla in a 3 year long estate battle.  She didn't over bill me as  lawyers had in the past.  She always returned my calls and emails  quickly.  She is very intelligent and I was glad to have her advice.  I  ended up settling in mediation which I feel was the best to my  advantage.  I am very happy with the results.



Oklahoma Appellate Cases

Frank v. Frank, DF114194 Appellate Court affirmed my client's judgment.

Freeman v. Roby, DF-105801- Trial court opinion for my client affirmed by Appellate court.

Danielson v. Danielson, DF-103284-Appellate court reversed the trial court's opinion against my client.

Danielson v. Codner, DF-103284-Appellate Court affirmed the trial court's Victim Protective Order entered to protect my client.