Fathers' Custody Rights

Fathers' Rights-Unmarried and Married

Fathers who were not married to the Mother must file what is commonly known as a Paternity action to obtain a legal determination of parentage.  A lawyer should assist Fathers with the

filing these actions.  A paternity action must be filed whether or not the Oklahoma Department of Human Services or the Texas Child Support divisions are involved with regard to child support.

Once an Order is entered with regard to parentage; the Court, if requested, will enter a Custody and Parenting Time schedule Order.  Every child needs both parents and Fathers should have equal rights and responsibilities for their children.   Oklahoma and Texas encourage Fathers' Rights and for both parents to be equally involved.  A Father awarded Sole Custody of their child/children is just as likely as Mother being awarded Sole Custody.   The test is what is in the best interest of child[ren.]

Fathers are good parents!

Fathers are good parents!