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Many cases handled by my office are referred to me by other lawyers for numerous reasons, both legal and practical. Many attorneys refer their cases that are headed to trial. Some of the reasons may include:
  • Conflicts of interest which prevents the attorney/attorneys from handling the matter themselves, referral is necessary.
  • Multiple Plaintiffs/Multiple Defendants, where there is a conflict that requires referral.
  • The need for local counsel with knowledge of the Local Rules, other attorneys and judges in the geographic area where the case is to be heard.

This office is experienced in receiving cases in all stages of litigation and then taking those cases to successful resolution. Clients receive timely updates of each proceeding throughout the litigation and all of the Court's rulings. In addition to providing excellent representation for your clients, we strive to provide efficient, cost-effective services.

If you have a case that is going proceed to trial and you need to refer it or engage local counsel, please Contact Carla L. Robey-Harcourt.



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